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I am... Printable Exercise | US Letter - Hop Off My Beauty

I am... Printable Exercise | US Letter

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"I am..." Printable Exercise is here to help you understand who you are, and to boast about yourself! Below are several phrases and adjectives to help get the ball rolling and help you self reflect on how you'd describe yourself and why you feel that way. For example: I am *blessed* because God has continued to wake me up every single morning and though I may take it for granted, in this day and age, to be alive and well is something to be cherished and thankful for.

This is an instant download, so it can be printed right away for use! You can turn it black and white, if color prints are too much. You can also print out multiples on card stock paper, if you'd like to use this regularly!

If you want to start affirmations and mantras to start off/end your day, this is a wonderful tool.