Entry 2: 01/10/2022 - New Year, New You.

Hello my beauties,


To start, Happy New Year! ✨


The year of 2022 is about what we owe ourselves.

Focusing on everything that we were not able to focus on in 2021.

Striving towards our goal,

focusing on ourselves,

focusing on our inner peace,

and more.


This year make it more "me, me, me" unapologetically.

self care weekly reminders


As for Hop Off My Beauty shop updates:

🦋  Use code HAPPYNEWYEAR for 22% off everything

during the entire month of January.

🦋  January Sale Goal: 15.

🦋  HOMB has serviced 14 out of 50 states including Canada.

Please email us your state name for a 50% off coupon, if your state has not been serviced yet:

Map of the united states where Hop Off My Beauty has delivered to

🦋  HOMB Merch photoshoot pending...


And that's a wrap for this blog post!


Skincare, Self Care, Self Love,

Hop Off My Beauty

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