Entry 3: 02/28/2022 - 22222

Hey my Beauties! ✨


I have some big ideas for Hop Off My Beauty this coming March, but here's a quick recap of February!


  • Fully launched "The Line" and did a product shoot and reel for it!
  • Featured 3 black owned businesses during Black History Month.
  1. Kirbys Herbal Delights
  2. Rieflexion
  3. Irreplicable Brand
  • Re-added canvases to our Products!
  • Launched B1G1 free sales for 3D Mink Faux Lashes and Art Prints.
  1. Code: 15MMGIRL
  2. Code: ILOVEART
  • Redesigned the website and Instagram entirely!
  • Reached 400+ Beauties on Instagram and we're moving fast towards 1,000 on twitter.


And that's a wrap for this blog post!


Skincare, Self Care, Self Love,

Hop Off My Beauty🦋

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